ZEPTO was established in 2004 in Corum, Turkey, is offering sales, service and spare part supply; validation, application and training as well turn-key laboratory project services for Quality Control and Research&Development laboratories. Today, we have offices in Corum, Ankara, Batum (Georgia), Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Dubai with over 23 employees and resellers offering innovative analytical solutions to various fields such as pharmaceutical, agriculture, food, chemistry, electronics, mining and health.

In this respect, we support our customers for;

  • The development of their production processes
  • Research and Development activities
  • Meeting official requirements
  • Gaining competitive power
  • Research and scientific work


and help them realize applications that will contribute to public health and environment.

Our Products and Services
We are aware of the fact that our customers are responsible for public health and environment. We are shaping our product and services portfolio in this respect to meet our customers’ requirements offering the most rapid and proper solution. We are continuing to add new partners and products in accordance to the market demands and trends.


We measure and evaluate the quality of services periodically, and assure ourselves that we give the highest quality service with our expert team. With our interactive working principle, we solve problems with maximum efficiency and we help our customers use their instruments with maximum performance and with all its functions. We perform periodical care and validation to constantly follow-up the status of our instruments, and ensure maximum performance via service contracts and preventive maintenance services.
Our main products include:

  • Analytical Instruments
  • General Purpose Laboratory Instruments
  • Gas Generators
  • Chromatography Consumables
  • Contamination Control Products
  • Dissolution Testing Systems

Our services include:

  • Sales
  • Technical Service and Spare Part Supply
  • Application
  • Training
  • Turn-key Laboratory Projects

As ZEPTO family, we continue to share our experiences with you to contribute to your success.