Bioneer’s ExiProgen™ is a fully automated system for various scientific purposes in synthetic biology including synthesis of functional proteins or simple enzymes, biosimilars, and even therapeutic antibodies. ExiProgen™ is able to synthesize and purify up to 16 proteins in a single run. Simply, plasmid DNA or linear PCR product is added to the system followed by the synthesis of protein from Bioneer’s E. coli extract for the transcription and translation processes. Target proteins are further purified by Ni-NTA magnetic beads in the system using His-tag on the protein. ExiProgen™ yields up to 100ug of protein with the purity of >90% in approximately 6hrs. This versatile system also allows purification of nucleic acids from various sources including tissue, blood, bacteria, and plant. We believe that ExiProgen™ system will offer strong solutions for your research including drug discoveries.