The G:BOX F3 is the Syngene entry level system for fluorescence and visible applications. It uses Syngene’s groundbreaking GeneSys automatic control software. Driven from a database containing hundreds of application protocols, functional control of the G:BOX is handled by the GeneSys software. Images are captured automatically and effortlessly.The G:BOX F3 has a high resolution 3.8m pixel camera which is capable of giving outstanding images with incredible spatial resolution. The system is suitable for a wide range of standard fluorescence applications such as DNA imaging or protein gels.The G:BOX F3 has a stylish modular design. The system includes a motor driven zoom lens as standard, as well as a motor driven filter wheel. Internal lighting comes from an optional UV transilluminator or a blue light LED model to further extend the applications possible with the G:BOX F3.G:BOX F3 comes complete with LED gantry rack and epi white LED lighting.The system comes complete with unlimited copies of GeneTools analysis software.Access your images anywhere, at any time and from any computer, smartphone and tablet using the new “Status Link” feature which is ideal for any busy laboratory.