The T:Genius is an integrated system for DNA and protein analysis, featuring an integrated tablet PC running the highly acclaimed GeneSys automated control system for image capture and editing.

A new generation CCD camera enables you to select an image output of 12.9m pixels. T:Genius uses an f1.0 motor driven zoom lens to enable perfect imaging of any gel or blot. The maximum viewing area is 24 x 20cm which is very large for such a small foot print unit.

Internal lighting includes a UV transilluminator for working with DNA gels. A white light converter can quickly extend its use for working with visible gels and blots.

With the increased demand for imaging DNA gels at a higher wavelength than UV, to prevent DNA damage, the T:Genius has powerful epi blue LEDs that are compatible with “safe” dyes such as SYBR®Safe.

Quickly generate quantitative data with GeneTools analysis software. The T:Genius comes with 4 extra copies of GeneTools analysis software as standard.